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We are software and website developers who love to share our experience in Internet marketing as well as the tools and strategies we use. While our users include seasoned and savvy veterans, our content is newbie friendly and all are most welcome.



Turn Your Sites into Smart DetectR Sites

It's amazing how much better your sites perform when you can tailor your visitors' experience to their needs. DetectR lets you fashion the perfect user experience for every type of visitor.


Learn & Earn

Our digital learning platform hosts free courses and guides designed to innovative marketing software and strategies to newbies and savvy veterans alike. 



The Best Support on the Planet

Our support forum, backed up by an active Skype chat group, offers a way to get 24/7/365 support from our experienced user community.

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You are welcome to contact us via any of our websites or by sending an email to our domain xspromotion.com using any prefix such as "admin" or "support".

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