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It's no longer enough to buy an ad in the yellow pages and wait for clients to show up. Today you have to have an online presence just to stay in the game. To get ahead takes even more. Sophisticated marketing plans take time and money to develop and execute in house. Our clients do none of that. Our clients spend all their time providing top quality service to their clientele - because they leave their online promotion campaigns up to us.

No Contracts. No Set Up Fees.
No Retainers.

We provide you with highly qualified leads for a very reasonable fee. You buy as many as you need and that's it. All the time and cost of obtaining those leads is our responsibility. Nothing could be simpler.

High Quality Leads?

We don't just sell names and emails. Our interactive marketing system identifies those who need the specific services you provide and are highly motivated to take action now. 

Our small but experienced team

We are few but mighty, boasting a collective 67 years of experience in online marketing.

A Sample Case Study

Jill, one of the partners in her personal injury firm sees one of our promotions. Intrigued by the and promise of an easy and cost effective way to acquire more clients, she sends us an email looking for further information.  The following day Alec contacts her and sets up a voice call for later that same day. 

In the course of their conversation Alec learns a little about Jill's firm and Jill gets a better idea of how XS Promotion can generate new business for her. She decides to try it out since there are no upfront fees and no contractual obligations. Jill agrees to buy 20 leads at an agreed upon price to start with and pays the fee. Alec reports to our team and we get to work.

About a week later a custom lead funnel has been prepared and ads have started on Facebook and other social media - all at our expense. On the first day the first few leads arrive and are immediately delivered to Jill via email. It only takes 5 days to generate all 20 leads. Jill followed up with each one shortly after they were received. As a result she has scheduled intake interviews with 12 prospective new clients. A few days later she has 8 newly signed contingency fee agreements. On day 5 Jill contacts Alec and buys 100 more leads.


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We develop sophisticated software which improves search engine optimization, makes search and social marketing more effective and improves conversion rates on sales sites. If you would like further information about this software please use the contact link below.

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